Another Year Older


Oops, oops, I have once again forgotten my own anniversary. July the something (I’m too lazy to look it up) 2007 was my blog’s first post, so yay for me. Among bloggers, 14 is a ripe old age, an antique, in fact. When I first started airing my dirty laundry, there was quite a little gang of fellow bloggers to keep me company. Their number has withered away, it’s true, but I still remember them fondly. Perverts, most of them, but amusing perverts.

My blog’s musty old age is not a testament to any particular stick-to-itness on my part. All of my storytelling tends to wander quite a bit (maybe you noticed? Shut up.) and I think I started some damn story all those years ago and have just never finished.

So let’s raise a toast to mrpeenee, god love him. Here’s to never getting to the point.

If I were to get anniversary presents (it’s not too late,) I would hope this might serve as an inspiration.

Big, hard, and thoughtful. What could be better?

“I’m workin on a man/with blonde hair and a tan,” Dr. Frank N. Furter.

I’ve seen that look before. It’s always trouble.

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  1. Oh happy anniversary, dear! I see you’re having a men-only house party…


    PS I started blogging only a few months before you, and, like yourself, on a different platform altogether. I miss some of the regular bloggers from the early days – Thombeau, TJB, Muscato, The Lisp, Felix in Hollywood…

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      • Some people are born middle-aged aren’t they? I have a friend who is pushing 50 and still lives at home with his mummy, they go on coach holidays and do old ladies things together, I called him the other day and asked him if he wanted a ride out to the coast and do you know what he said? “I’ll have to ask my mother” I put the phone down on him in disgust.


  2. Happy anniversary MrPeenee !
    Like You, and Jon, I opened my kindergarten fourteen years ago. What a silly thing to do, and to keep on … maybe I’m just too lazy to quit ? “Archaic”, heavens : Digital Neanderthalers. We’ll get musealised by the Insta-Cro-Magnons soon.


  3. Oh, happy anniversary, mrpeenee! And you’ve provided a buffet, too!

    P.S. I’ve seen that look in the last pic before too. It’s “Oh, Christ. I’ve left the iron on…”

    P.P.S. Shouldn’t Her Maj be in the captain’s chair?


  4. Happy anniversary MrP long may you reign. I’m not far behind you 12-13 years of writing complete and utter shite, now that’s an achievement!


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