In Which We Add Art


I don’t have many objects that I’ve managed to hold on to throughout the wacky highjinks that are my adult life; it’s just too easy to lose track of stuff. Flotsam and jetsam, that’s what most material possessions come down to in the end. But through all these years, I have clung to a pair of lithograph reproductions of 19th century portraits.

The subjects are two demure ladies looking out from a horse-drawn world. Naturally I refer to them as “The Girls.” They are tasteful and attractive and utterly bland. The real appeal of the pair is actually the frames they sit in, gilded plaster over carved wood. I’ve always loved those frames and a while ago asked Super Agent Fred to crank out some original paintings to better fill them. I had actually forgotten my request when Fred popped up earlier this week with the completed artwork in tow.

I absolutely love them. They are Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe, a couple of 19th century American icons who probably don’t have much more in common than your 10th grade English class. But I’m very impressed with Fred’s new bold, clear graphic style with its strong lines and simplified imagery. I’m digging it.

In my blog about the massacre of the innocents that was the tree removal outside my building, my old chum Lifty from Chaturbate pointed out that while I had posted a couple of shots to show how bad the before looked, I had neglected to include an after photo to show what the tree slaughter resulted in. My apologies and here you go:

Lifty is a master artist of xmas decorating. He is also suspiciously lucky at a Chaturbate game where you roll dice by tipping a specific amount. I think I may have sort of maybe heard kind of that Lifty’s extraordinary luck with this game is the result of him being a dirty Cheater Cheater Bedbug Eater. But that’s just what I heard.

My dear, dear niece Amber reports in that she is on the mend from a nasty bout of Covid. I hope she is feeling much better and send her a bunch of nekkid cowboys, her favorites:

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A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. I’ve got to agree with Jon. The portraits of Willy Wonka and Wednesday Addams have a certain charm, but “The Girls” are clearly a pair of shameless hussies, intent on stealing all the husbands and making all the headlines. Best wishes to Amber for a full recovery.


  2. I prefer the new artwork even though the woman on the right has a look of Karen Dunbar about her. There is something about the last cowboy’s mean and brooding face that I like, if I met him down a dark alley I’d be powerless to resist.


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