In Which We Recall a Legend


August 17th is the 30th anniversary of the death of Al Parker, the definitive gay porn icon. Parker claim to have invented the so-called Castroclone look so popular for gay men in the late ’70s; a fashion statement that included motorcycle boots, flannel shirts or t-shirts, and tight Levi jeans worn with no underwear the better to flaunt one’s junk. That was really the point of the look, everything else was just a frame. People would sand down the crotch to show off their bulge. If we could have contrived a neon arrow pointing towards it, I’m sure someone would have. Forty years later and I still see gay geezers tottering around the neighborhood cosplaying Al Parker.

He was a beautiful man with a big dick. In any culture, that is a winning combination, for gay men it is the jackpot. But in addition to his meat bonanza, he had beautiful big brown eyes, a luscious beard, chiseled cheekbones, and did I mention he was packing a hog?

I read his autobiography even though it was a challenge to get through. His writing was flat and he skipped over the most interesting details. Any autobiography is part truth and part bullshit; you could recognize when you got to a bullshit portion because he would suddenly try to write in a florid, descriptive style that completely missed. He claimed to have attended Woodstock and spent the entire time in a tricked out hearse with some Tom of Finland-esque biker. There were other flights of fantasy but I prefer to forget and forgive them.

I actually saw him once shortly after we moved here to San Francisco. He was driving through the Castro and I was on the sidewalk, we made eye contact and he drove on. I was thrilled. That was more than 30 years ago and I still am thrilled.

His real contribution to gay culture was through his porn. His films were an important part of the transition from furtive smut filled with homely hustlers to the dirty movies that helped inform gay men that they could be masculine and attractive and not ashamed. For that, I think we all owe him a debt and we should remember him, and is great big fat cock, fondly.

Some other fine examples of the Al Parker archetype:

A cowboy one for my niece Amber.

This guy, who shows up here a lot, but can you possibly have to much of him?

Arty and thick.

Parker’s work lead the way for smut featuring attractive leads like this youth, whose name eludes me.

Al Parker greatly regretted being circumcised, to the point that he tried, unsuccessfully to reverse it.

Big dicks. I, for one, always say yes, please.

About mrpeenee

A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. Back in 1988 (perhaps it was 1989) Mr. Parker pursued me in the Whispering Bushes at the end of Golden Gate Park. I was flattered, but I thought, “No thank you, Sir. I’ve seen what you’ve done with your dick!” He was very persistent; I ended up leaving altogether because he apparently couldn’t take no for an answer.


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