In Which We Are Glum


So I was all prepared to put up a snappy little post whining about how I hate winter’s early twilights. And let me be clear, I am still plenty annoyed about them, I don’t care if they are simply a part of the way the world works, when suddenly my griping was sideswiped by our dear Diane von Austinburg announcing she has come down with COVID and will not be able to join us for Thanksgiving.

I mostly am not happy about her sickliness. Except for her dodgy knees, Diane is one of those tough old Texas gals that just keeps on going. To have her sidelined by this stupid plague, especially since she has avoided it all this time, troubles me.

Also if you’re fortunate enough to have an old friend with whom you can happily share cooking duties, then Thanksgiving is your holiday. A time centered on eating is when you need to deliver on the food products. Diane is one of the few people I can cohabit a kitchen with and having her shoulder some of the duties is nothing short of a blessing.

Diane and I also share a nerdly fondness for making lists. Putting together something as complicated as a Thanksgiving dinner requires reams of lists. We have been known to make lists of lists we need to make. Fabulous. It’s very handy having someone there to ask “did you put stock on the grocery list?” To which you can reply, “I absolutely did,” And then you sneak back to the list to add stock because you absolutely did not. Turns out the real treasure are the lists we made along the way.

Let me clue you in on a mrpeenee secret: when I am unhappy, I will repair to the shower and standing under the blasto hot water I will let loose with this odd ululating noise. It’s not exactly a moan, although moaning is an element of it, it’s more like the cry a cat makes when he’s frustrated. If you’ll excuse me now, I need to go take a shower.

guys I wish I was in the shower with RIGHT NOW:

You know how fond I am of guys whose entire vocabulary consists of “Duh.”

Doesn’t this guy look like he smells good?

Thanksgiving weighs on my mind enough that I looked at this photo and thought, “That cutting board is too small to be very useful.”

Surely, he has no trouble getting passes made at him.


Core strengthening exercises are always a good idea.

Not naked, but so pretty.

I always consider ham for thanksgiving, but my guests always demand turkey.

Speaking of demanding, Mikey from Chaturbate put in a demand recently for a hairy model. The nerve! Anyway, here, Trevor LaPaglia, my newest fascination:

If you would also like to forward your suggestion for a naked guy, please feel free to go start your own damn blog.

About mrpeenee

A former bon vivant and terror of a number of New Orleans bars in the mad, gay 1980s, I'm now quietly retired and widowed in San Francisco. I have a crooked nose due to an unfortunate Frisbee accident.

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  1. First, get well soon Diane!

    Second, the selection of models is very nice, but I hope Mikey has a good vacuum cleaner. He’ll need it for the last model. It’s shedding season!


  2. Any of them dear would make for a useful loofah in the shower!!!! And I’m with you about this damn early twilight. I can’t stand it either when it gets dark early. This year I seem to be taking it different. All I want to do is go to bed by 8. But I refrain by being on naughty sites…….


  3. Oh, what a disappointment she won’t becoming. I do hope it is a mild case and she recovers quickly. There is no rhyme or reason as to who gets Covid and who doesn’t. I’ve managed to dodge it so far.


  4. Get well soon Diane!

    When I’m feeling down in the dumps, I order a man off Grindr. A gentleman caller came down the other day, he was nice looking, slim and smooth, however, he had a very tight foreskin that couldn’t be retracted and when I got near it, I got a strong whiff of a public toilet, what do you do in a situation like that? I called for my maid of all work Carmen to finish him off and she did, with gusto.


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