In Which the Supply Chain Breaks


I have become very fond of a marijuana infused gummy that I eat a little before bedtime to help me sleep. In the world of edible pot, these gummies are pretty weak players, feeble in fact, which is perfectly fine with me. I don’t particularly want to be fucked up, I just want some help falling asleep.

I’ve bought them from the fancy pot shop a couple of times and so I was feeling pretty pleased with myself as I pulled up to the counter and ordered my Valhalla blueberry acai gummies just like I knew what I was doing. How crushing then to find out they were all out, and were also out of lots of their other stock. Apparently that’s just the world in 2023.

Being an absolute amateur around this brave new world of marijuana edibles, I had no backup plan. I had no idea what might be an acceptable alternative; I had my one little memorized order and that was it.

I mentioned ( before how the sales people there are absolute weed sommeliers. They actually seem to enjoy spending time discussing the various aspects of their wares. When I was a pothead in college, shortly after dinosaurs went extinct, I would go dope shopping and the insight into the product consisted of “yeah it’s pot.” These guys though are committed to making sure you get as loaded as you want to be, to that end they throw around terms like THC and CBD and compare one strain’s ability to help create to another’s relaxation index. I finally went with one because a) it’s blackberry flavored and that sounded tasty and b) it’s all they had.

I got home and was reading the label and discovered the THC level (which is what gets you loaded ) in these gummies is four times as high as in the ones I’m used to. I want to try them anyway, duh, but if y’all don’t hear from me over the next month or so, don’t worry. Eventually, I will remember how to speak and the munchies will drive me to resurface. Til then, naked guys:


Well. This cutie goes by both Jeff Hallum as well as Jeff Wayne. In case you need to do some research.

Well, OK. If you insist.

Diego Barros, who always hides under his hat. Dude, what’s with your hat?

I love big nuts, and I cannot lie. Ball sacs that hang down past one’s dick are so sexy.

Red silk and big muscley ass, a match made in heaven.


And I like the dresser, too.

Young, dumb, and ready to rock.

Considering I never go to the beach, it’s amazing how much I miss it in the winter.

Do you think he rents that by the inch?

I recently used another picture of this same youth in the bed flashing his ass, but really, can you have too much?

Ruggery Valdivia, now with glasses!

Scorpios. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

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  1. Just a wee pro tip, but you don’t actually have to eat the whole thing. A knife, or your pearly white teeth, will make it a more manageable portion. And they bloody well better get the stock back before i’m there next!


  2. The real difference between your college days and these new gummies is that you don’t have to bother with rolling papers (or bongs, brownie mix, etc.). Put on “Dark Side of the Moon” and enjoy.


  3. I was so fucked up New Year’s Eve, blacked out, and had a threesome, and didn’t remember any of it till I was remined over Bloody Mary at brunch the next morn. Only to find out all the gummi’s I was consuming at the cocktail party were marijuana infused gummies. I must have missed the memo, on top of copious amount of gin.

    I think only Deigo would have felt better. I adore that big piece of meat. He isn’t bad either. And a Happy New Year to you Peenee!!!

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  4. Last time I smoked (mid 70s) it made me sick, so I stuck to Benson & Hedges.
    My friend gave me a gummy, it’s shaped like a cock with balls. It’s been in my work fridge for a long time.

    Guess I should bring it home, huh?


  5. My sleep drug of choice is diazepam. Half of a 5mg when I wake in the middle of the night and my body wants to be awake for a few hours. Usually works.


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