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à choix multiple


Ask yourself: “Was this my Halloween?”

 A bowl of leftover candy because no little urchins showed up to extort Butterfingers and peanut M&Ms out of your unwilling grasp?

Or was it this:

Don’t you wish it was?

Also, in loading the picture of the candy bowl, I stumbled across this little treat in our files.  Apparently it is one of R Man’s old fans from back in the day.  R Man was very popular.

Holiday Spirit


I’ve meant to feature this album cover since my friend Rich and I found it in thriftshopland last July, but I never got around to it until now, so I hearby declare today to be the end of that stupid Christmas/New Year’s holiday thing and the start of Tropicana Holiday. Woo hoo.

I’m especially glad to have moved past all that other, lesser holiday stuff since they didn’t really work out that well. A tradition in the South is to eat black-eyed peas and cabbage for good luck on New Year’s Day. Usually I make my own peas and cole slaw to revel in my southern roots, but this year I wasn’t feeling the culinary love, so I sprang for canned peas, feeling all the while as if I were letting my every female antecedent down as I did so.

I was so ashamed I failed to notice what I was buying was actually black beans. Oops. And I forgot the whole thing until 11:45 tonight and I was so rushing around to get it together, I wound up putting in way too much salt in the cole slaw. I managed to choke down a couple of bites but the garbage disposal got most of it. I only hope that counts and that this is not some augury of the year to come. 2011 was bad enough.

A Foggy Fourth

Our friends Anne and Mike brought over barbecue ribs for dinner tonight, which was terribly sweet of them, especially since Anne is a vegetarian (she had macaroni.) I had hoped we could watch the (completely illegal) firework shows down in the Mission neighborhood after dinner. Every year, the best displays are put on by the thugs in the ‘hoods below our canyon. We watch them from the hill at the foot of our street, which we refer to as the Loma cause we’re all California and stuff.
So here’s the view of the Loma about 5:00:

And here it is, about 8:00, shortly after dinner and as the fog was blasting in:

Fogific Fourth of Julys are simply the way things roll here more often than not. So instead of fireworks, we had a lovely, cozy fire and listened to disco off my iPod.

Certainly, as a child of the south, I understand how inconceivable curling up by the hearth on a July evening seems, but we do it a lot. The Pacific at our doorstep acts like a big ass air conditioner and I, for one, bless it every day. The idea of owning a set of sweaters I wear all summer is both endearing and ludicrous and you would have to drag me out of here kicking and screaming.
The disco was nice too.

Carnival and Buddah

Happy Twelfth Night to you all. This is the start of Carnival, so in New Orleans the grande dames of society (also known as the Old Bats) are rockin it ON hoping to have their husbands stay to the end of the party rather than sneaking off to the stripper bars in Metairie. And just now my slightly retarded I-Tune shuffle feature for once came through and is playing an old timey Mardi Gras tune, Iko Iko. The gods speak to us. Around this time of year, New Orleans radio stations dig out an array of the same songs each year, like Christmas carols, but more cool. Mardi Gras Mambo, Tipitina, Big Chief: I loved them all right up to the annual point of being sick to death of them.
Also, this being the twelfth day of Christmas, appropriately enough, I got my last present. Actually it had just been held up, but the timing seems propitious and now that it’s here, I’m thrilled.

A ginormous carved, gilded face of Buddah. Perfect for our bright red hall.

Happy, You Know, New Year and All That Stuff


Indeed, mrpeene wishes you all the happiest of holidays, now that they’re safely out of the way.

I know 2009 has been widely reviled, but I was kind of fond of it. I think it just got a bad rap from hanging around the wrong crowd. Once again, I have managed to fool my bosses into not realizing I have no idea what I’m doing, so I didn’t get fired. We managed to not only keep our house, but refinance it. And I’m totally sorry Bea Arthur died (a moment, please,) but I didn’t, so yay for that. I learned how to make the uber-tasty Chicken Marballa. All in all, a perfectly fine year.

Plus we all made it through the carnival of Michael Jackson’s death and that has to count for something. Media are still trying to resuscitate that story, nosing around for dirt, but for real, what’s left? Is someone going to uncover he was a junkie boy lover who dabbled in Arabic tranny moments?Oops, too late.

So, on with the brand new shiny decade. R Man and I spent New Year’s Eve the way we always do, asleep. I went to bed about 10:00 knowing that shortly before the stroke of midnight, I would be woken by the fireworks echoing in the canyon we live in. Sure enough, 23:50 on the dot and KABLOOEY. Glen Canyon opens into the Mission where hooligans set off some serious explosions. In the past, it has sounded like the fall of Saigon down there, but this year was rather restrained. The economy, everything gets back to the economy.

It’s a Good Friday


The agency I work for announced that we can all go home today at 3:00. A sincere and wholehearted Yippee for that, although also slightly mystified. Someone had to explain to me that today is Good Friday, a fact which had slipped past my constant vigilance. I made the usual joke about any Friday that gets me off work three hours early is a good one, but actually I knew about Good Friday. Honest. I was raised as a Christian, a Baptist in fact, even if it didn’t stick. Christians, you know, are the one who worship some zombie god with rites of ritual cannibalism and homophobic vitriol and chocolate bunnies. I am all for chocolate bunnies.

Speaking of bizarre cultural tidbits, have you ever seen Peeps jousting? You put two Peeps in a microwave, arm them with the little plastic spears you garnish tropical drinks with, hit the microwave on high and let the games begin. I’ll try to post the youtube video of it, but youtube has not been cooperating with me lately. We’ll see.